Blackodising Corrosion Resistance is a conversion coating formed by a chemical process produced when parts are immersed within the alkaline aqueous salt solution operated at approximately 135º C. The reaction between the iron of the ferrous alloy and therefore the hot oxide bath produces magnetite (Fe3 O4) on the particular surface of the part. it’s possible to oxidize non-ferrous metals under suitable conditions to create black oxides. it’s possible to apply black oxide at room temperature, however, it’s impossible to attain all of the advantages available from the “hot” oxide process. The cold black oxide process routinely shows color variation from part to part and therefore the black material frequently rubs off in your hands.

In order to determine the suitable after-finish, it must be evaluated after-finish to use. the subsequent factors should be considered:

  • Length of protection required
  • Desired finished appearance (gloss/matte)
  • Optimum Storage conditions (humidity, vapor, temperature)
  • Final application